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Dr. Hardyk has been trained in the most current orthodontic practices as a graduate of the prestigious UCSF School of Dentistry and the Eastman Institute for Oral Health. Oakley Orthodontics provides its patients with the most efficient and comfortable treatments currently available in the orthodontic field. 

Dr. Hardyk will assess the patients' orthodontic needs and discuss the treatments available. It is important that the patient choose the treatment most suitable to their treatment needs and lifestyle.



Metal braces are the classic standard in orthodontic treatment, providing excellent results at the lowest price.  These are accented with a wide variety of colors that will be changed at every appointment, giving patients the opportunity to dress up their braces with festive holiday colors, school spirit colors, or just a different color each visit to match your mood. 



For those concerned about the appearance of metal braces, clear braces make an excellent alternative.  The porcelain brackets are designed to match the teeth and disguise the appearance of the brackets on the tooth, allowing you to keep a bright white smile during treatment. 



The latest technology in orthodontic brackets today, self-ligating braces allow for a faster alignment of the teeth using lighter and gentler forces to move the teeth.  And by eliminating the elastic color band of traditional braces, many patients say it is easier to keep the edges around the braces cleaner during treatment.  Adjustments are quick and easy, and in some cases, the time required for treatment can be reduced.




Invisalign is a particularly attractive option for adults and teenagers wishing to straighten their teeth without the more obvious metal brackets and wires. Invisalign moves your teeth gradually via a clear aligner - similar to a retainer, which is virtually unnoticeable. It is easier to take care of your teeth with Invisalign since the aligner can be removed for brushing, flossing and eating. Invisalign can also be more comfortable than traditional braces since the patient does not have to worry about poking wires or loose brackets. 

However, it is important that the patient wears the aligner throughout the day and night, otherwise the treatment cannot be effective. If patients are tempted not to wear their aligners on a regular basis, Invisalign may not be the best choice for them.


If the patient and doctor decide that Invisalign is the best choice, Dr. Hardyk will make a series of custom aligners for the patient using advanced computer technology. The patient will wear their custom-made aligner for one week, and then replace it with another one, gradually adjusting the teeth to the correct position. Treatment times with Invisalign are usually similar to those of traditional orthodontic brackets.

Depending on the patient's insurance, Invisalign can be just as affordable as traditional braces. 

When used in combination with Invisalign or traditional braces, Acceledent can significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to finish your orthodontic treatment.  The device works by providing microvibration to the teeth, which studies have shown will increase tooth movement and reduce treatment time.  When used correctly and regularly for 20 minutes each day, Acceledent can reduce the amount of time required for braces or Invisalign by up to 50%.



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