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Get a free virtual consultation with Oakley Orthodontics

Welcome to Oakley Orthodontics!  In order to maintain social distancing and reduce person-to-person contact, we now offer virtual consults.

A virtual consult is a face-to-face consultation with Dr. Hardyk and a treatment coordinator from the comfort of your home or conveniently during your break at work. These consultations will take place via Zoom and last less than 30 minutes. We are able to meet digitally and discuss nearly everything we would be able to discuss in the office at Oakley Orthodontics.

Virtual consultations have many benefits, especially in today’s current climate with COVID-19 closures and health concerns. Virtual consults allow you to:

  • Meet with Dr. Hardyk and receive information on treatment plans, investment and answers to any of your questions without having to step foot in an office.

  • Stay safe and follow current shelter-in-place guidelines.

Let’s create a beautiful smile together!
As you go through this form if you need help feel free to call our office

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Dentist information

Optional: Is there any insurance you would like us to check for you? If so, please fill out the form below. This information may allow us to more accurately provide you with financial options!

You’re almost done. Now, we just need some pictures! 

Please make sure your photos look like the examples below so that Dr. Hardyk can carry out an accurate assessment.

Upload Your Photos

To begin your consultation, you will need the following:

1) A family member or friend

2) A cell phone camera

3) Two plastic or metal spoons

Please wait for the image name to appear to ensure your photos have been uploaded, it may take a minute depending on image size and internet connection.

Upload File
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Your Virtual Consultation in Three Easy Steps


Dr. Hardyk will personally review your photos and determine which orthodontic treatment is right for your unique case.


We'll prepare a tailored treatment plan for you, which outlines our recommended treatment type, length, and cost. We'll meet virtually through our Zoom to talk you through all of your options.


If you'd like to get started on the journey to your beautiful new smile with our orthodontist, Dr. Hardyk, we'll get you scheduled for an in-office appointment.

Thank you for submitting your form!

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